TraiNutri - Project

TRAINUTRI AALs project (AAL-2009-2-129) aims to raise consciousness about self wellness, enabling the exchange of knowledge related to physical and nutritional healthy habits. The project will help people (seniors between 50 and 65 years from both sex) to develop healthy habits (keeping them physically active and actively involved into their health maintenance) and will enable people to share and exchange healthy habits related activities, experiences and knowledge allowing them to keep and enrich their social relationships while they age in their preferred environments.

TraiNutri - Objective

The improvement of the quality of life of elderly people is the main objective of this project, as the basis of the project are helping senior to make personalized and monitored exercise (adapting to their age and conditions) in virtual or real environments, and improve their nutritionist habits. The target users for the TRAINUTRI product are the active and non-dependent elderly between 50 and 65, as are the users identified with more interest in the nutrition habits and keeping fit.

These are the direct contributions of the project to the improvement of the quality of life, but there are also indirect contributions, like the ones derived from the social inclusion, and interaction between people. In this area the project reaches the objective of ageing well in the community and home environments, improving the accessibility of healthy services to the ageing people from their homes thanks to ICT, and the interconnection between several devices.Keeping strong and reliable social bonds is essential for maintaining a good quality of life. Not only are internet-based social nets powerful tools for managing and widening social life with family and friends, but with services provided by TRAINUTRI, users can see to their health using the same platform as when sharing all kinds of data and information with contacts, increasing their quality of time.

Important to point out is also that the project and the dissemination of its results will promote the use of ICT among the elderly, and so reduce the e-breach between this population group and the rest of society. Elderly will be empowered and remain active in the provision of their health and general wellbeing.



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